The worlds first global UV app.

Helping the world stay safe in the sun

We designed an app to provide users with up to the minute UV information globally.

Overexposure to UV is the leading cause of skin cancer, with 2 in 3 Australians diagnosed by the age of 70. Unlike the sun’s light or heat, your senses can’t detect UV radiation, so you wont notice the damage until it’s done.

Fortunately most skin cancers can be prevented by protecting your skin when the UV index is above 3. The new Sunsmart UV app aims to expand this message to a global audience and provide a tool to help prevent sun damage.

In collaboration with Cancer Council Australia, Sunsmart, World Meteorological Organisation and Deakin Universities A2I2. We designed the iOS & Android apps, helping to deliver the first Global UV protection app.

Stay Safe

Protection Times

Full sun protection is recommended when UV levels reach 3 or above. We designed the new app to ensure daily protection window are all available at a glance so you can plan your day with confidence.

Anywhere, Anytime

Global UV Data

The UV level can vary greatly from place to place. We made it simple to add locations from across the world or use your devices live location, keeping you informed wherever you are.

Plan Ahead

The Forecast

UV and weather don't always correspond. This can lead people to think it's safe when infact the UV can be just as strong on a cloudy day as a sunny one. The new app displays UV forecast alongside weather so you can stay prepared.


Skin Protection

What exactly is skin protection and how much is enough? The new SunSmart app simplifies what skin protection is required to keep you and your family safe outdoors.

At a Glance

Widgets & Alerts

Users told us they love the app - usage analytics told us they don’t always check it as often as they should. To better suit the way people engage we designed new widgets to sit on your home screen and smart alerts to remind you when UV is going to reach dangerous levels - Without even having to open the app.

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