Trauma Reception and Resuscitation (TR&R)

Providing life saving decision support to hospital trauma teams.

Decision Support for a Clinical Environment

How we helped improve the TRR system with UI/UX design

A leading edge medical technology, The Trauma Reception and Resuscitation System platform provides life saving decision support to trauma teams treating those with life or death injuries.

With over 1,100 severely injured trauma patients presenting to the Trauma department each year, the Alfred needed to streamline the existing TRR system and cater to the evolving needs of trauma teams in these high pressure situations.

From user experience and interface design to rapid prototyping and user testing, we collaborated with Deakin University’s A2I2 and Specialist Doctors, Nurses and support staff of the Alfred hospital to design test and implement the new TR&R.

Heads up display


In any trauma scenario there's often a large team of doctors, nurses and specialists that participate in your care. We designed a large TV interface to sit above a patients bed providing a live update of their current state. Vital signs, confirmed and unconfirmed diagnoses, treatments, patient info and real-time decision support prompts keep the entire team informed at a glance.

Data Entry

Scribe UI

Every moment counts when treating a major trauma patient and for the nurse tasked with capturing and entering patient information, efficiency is key. We prototyped, tested and developed a touch interface focused on fast input so nurses can quickly and accurately enter critical details, diagnosis and treatments.

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